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Before we get to the meat of the post, so to speak, for those who didn’t see it, Casa SaltShaker got selected by CNN Travel as one of 10 great restaurants in Buenos Aires! Strangely, out of the other 9, I hadn’t heard of 3 of them and have only been to 3 others… hmm. Places to be checked out.

It’s time for that monthly photo extravaganza – what didn’t get used and all that. Well, it turns out, a lot, though a huge number of those were a tango demonstration that Henry and one of his partners performed during a local marinera norteña dance competition. I’ve included just one of those photos from the very end, along with the video of the performance, because somethings really are better in video than photo.

Henry & Diana tango

That’s my husband ya know…?

Green building on Junín

A green building on Junín that caught my eye. That is all.

Burrito Wey

A new burrito place, Burrito Wey that I discovered through BA Delivery. Turns out, they make a pretty damned good burrito, particularly in comparison to what else is available here. It almost made up for being more than an hour late for their promised delivery time and the three phone calls where the manager of the place simply lied about them being on the way. Almost. BA Delivery tells me that mine wasn’t the first complaint they’ve gotten about this place and its timing.

Clarin - Huffington Post

In the midst of the whole uproar with Ghana seizing one of Argentina’s ships as part of an ongoing financial squabble, it was amusing to note that local newspaper Clarin thinks that The Huffington Post is a Ghanese magazine.

El Tejano brisket

A visit to one of Larry Rogers’ (El Tejano) meat lover extravaganzas. A friend who lives here part of the year joined me, the other three folk at the table were locals and friends of Larry’s and didn’t seem quite sure what it was they were getting into – and, not surprisingly, two of them showed up more than an hour late for dinner. More red meat in one sitting than I normally eat in two months with various cuts that were slow smoked and served up with homemade bbq sauce, cole slaw, corn, cornbread, pickles and onions. Varied opinions on the different cuts and the side dishes – it was interesting to hear some of the Argentine comments versus our norteamericano tastes. In the end though, the brisket is the killer – I’d be happy to just sit and eat that – forget the other cuts.

And, finishing up with a Sunday afternoon stroll through the Recoleta fair….

Sunday Recoleta fair stroll

Sunday Recoleta fair stroll

Sunday Recoleta fair stroll

Sunday Recoleta fair stroll

Sunday Recoleta fair stroll

Sunday Recoleta fair stroll

Sunday Recoleta fair stroll

Sunday Recoleta fair stroll


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