The Pickle Sauce

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Now that we’ve got a zillion recipes in the Casa S repertoire, and a good number of them that we’re really proud of, I’m focusing the dinners on just one new dish per week, and maybe a tweak to one or two others, but basically four courses which will be selected from past menus. Doesn’t mean I won’t assault you with food porn just to keep you salivating….

Textures of Tomato

No changes here, I’m really happy with this dish – sun-dried tomato and shichimi cheesecake, curried polenta chip, deep-fried cherry tomatoes, fresh grated tomato and olive oil dressing, tomato powder, chives.

Caldillo de congrio

Only two changes to our Caldillo de Congrio, basically a Chilean fish chowder – there were several folk this weekend with shellfish allergies, so we left out the shrimp. Also added in some fresh sweet corn, which makes it a little more chowder-like.

Heart of Palm fritter

Some tweaks to our heart of palm fritter – instead of the milder chili that I’ve used in the past I decided it could use being “kicked up a notch” and used habanero chili – just made it all the better. Still with our creamy avocado Italian dressing, changed the guarnición from cherry tomatoes to a fine dice of roasted carrots and beets, and a little pinch of radish sprouts on the side. Prettier and tastier – that touch of sweetness from the roasted vegetables provides a nice balance to the spicier flavors.

Albacore with Pickle Sauce

This was the new dish for the week. Grilled albacore tuna steak. Sauteed cauliflower and broccoli. A black fennel puree (well, more brown, I couldn’t use the squid ink to make it really dark because of the shellfish allergies). The sauce, a favorite – my version of a traditional Tuscan “piquant sauce” – saute white onion in olive oil and butter. Add a little flour and cook just enough to cook out the raw flavor. Add chopped pickles, capers, anchovies and garlic. Cook another minute or two and then add a mix of white wine, red wine vinegar and tomato paste, bring to a simmer and cook until thickened. You have to like pickled flavors for this one, and I could tell there were a couple of people over the week who weren’t all that into it, but it really is delicious if you do.

Apple walnut tart

Apple walnut tart. Rosemary infused whipped cream. Amaretto caramel sauce.


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