A Taste of Peru

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“There are no loose ends. There is a systematic proposal to expand Peruvian cuisine, and I am willing to bet that in 10 years, we will have created a market that rivals Mexican food.”

– Ernesto Cabellos, Director, Cooking Up Dreams

Another private dinner this week and a bit of spice was on order….

Shellfish ceviche
Shellfish / Corn / Chipotle / Citrus
Nieto-Senetiner Nature, N.V.

A mixed shellfish ceviche – shrimp, cockles, calamarette and scallops. Corn puree, smoked cashew-chipotle sauce, cherry tomatoes, fava beans, tortilla crumbs.

Tomato / Cucumber / Piquillo / Garlic
Lurton “Vuelá” Sauvignon Blanc 2010

Classic gazpacho with a nice spike of pureed, roasted piquillo peppers in it.

Grouper sudado
Grouper / Peruvian Yellow Pepper / Pea / Red Onion
Las Moras Rosado de Syrah 2010

And, another take on a sudado, made with fresh grouper and all that good spices.

Huatia Sulcana
Beef Shoulder / Peruvian Red Pepper / Herbs / Vinegar
LaMadrid Bonarda Reserva 2009

And, my favorite Peruvian beef dish, huatia sulcana, nice and spicy and vinegary, a little polenta finished with goat cheese and some fresh asparagus.

Chocolate passionfruit tart
Cocoa / Passionfruit / Chocolate / Egg
Zuccardi Malamado Malbec 2008

Cocoa crust, passionfruit custard, dark chocolate ganache. What more could you ask for in a birthday tart?


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