The Bold and the Beautiful

2011.Apr.15 Friday · 1 comment

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A short post – a building and a burger. Then again, what more does one need?

90 West Street
This is The West Street Building, addressed at 90 West Street. Built in 1907 and designed by architect Cass Gilbert, it was a precursor work to his far better known Woolworth Building a few blocks away. Originally built as an office building for shipping and railroad companies it was heavily damaged during the 9/11 attack and after restoration was reopened as a residential building.

90 West Street
Pretty, no?

90 West Street
Yup, pretty….

Stand Burger
The first time I heard about Stand4, 24 E. 12th St., was from some guests at Casa S who were waxing poetic about the decadent marshmallow milkshakes a few months back. Since that time I’ve heard about those milkshakes half a dozen more times. The very idea of a marshmallow milkshake gives me the willies, so I didn’t put this place on my list to check out. But I was walking by and saw it, and there were people literally coming in just to buy marshmallow milkshakes and nothing else, in a couple of cases, whole families. The idea still gave me the willies. [Closed]

Stand - Bold Burger
But, I always have to have one burger somewhere when I come in for a visit, I was hungry, and figured what the heck? After perusing their selections, I ordered the Bold Burger – did I mention I was hungry? (Let’s just say I didn’t eat for a bit over 24 hours and had nothing but clear liquids and had to take some stuff that cleared some stuff so a doc could look at some stuff – all is well. Moving on.) The Bold has two 7-ounce patties, thick cut applewood smoked bacon, a fried egg, american and cheddar cheeses, tomato, pickles, sauteed onions and chipotle sauce, all on a brioche bun. It is also, as best I can recall after swooning, the finest burger I’ve ever eaten. Drippingly juicy, beautifully seasoned, simply burger heaven. The question, which shall not be resolved anytime soon, is whether it was purely based on ravenous hunger or was it truly that amazing?

Stand - fried pickles
And these should be illegal in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and whatever protectorates we may have. Whoever threw tangy sweet bread and butter pickles into tempura batter and then into a deep fryer the first time is a god or goddess. Nothing should be allowed to be this good… and deep-fried. It is a good thing simply because of this burger and these pickles that I no longer live in the East Village.

I had iced tea. Marshmallow milkshakes give me the willies.


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