Thin Crust

2009.May.30 Saturday · 1 comment

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“All civilization has from time to time become a thin crust over a volcano of revolution.”

– Henry Ellis, Psychologist

Buenos Aires – It’s been a long time since I wrote up the review of my first tries of grilled pizzas here in BA. It’s probably getting to be about time to do a few more – there are plenty of places out there offering pies made this way, and for those for whom “thin crust” is a watchword, it might be worth knowing where they are. So, I’ve been back quite a few times to the Morelia in Palermo that I reviewed in that first piece, and several times to their branch in Las Cañitas, Báez 260 – but have never written anything up on the latter. I should have – it’s actually a nicer room to dine in, plus in nice weather they have a rooftop terrace that’s just beautiful. The service is better and both waiters and waitresses are notedly cuter. The menu and prices are the same, the pizza is equally good (and that whole arugula thing has, indeed, turned out to be a one-off aberration). In short, so far, it’s been my favorite spot for grilled pizza. I leave you with a photo worth far more than the number of words in this paragraph.

Morelia, Las Canitas - pizzas


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