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“A creole language, or simply a creole, is a stable language that originates seemingly as a nativized pidgin…. While it is arguable that creoles share more grammatical similarities with each other than with the languages they phylogenetically derive from, no theory for explaining creole phenomena has been universally accepted. The relationship between pidgins and creoles and their similarities means that the distinction is not clear-cut and the variety of phenomena that arise to create pidgins and creoles are not understood very well. Likewise, efforts to articulate grammatical features (or sets of features) that are exclusive to creoles have been unsuccessful thus far.”

– Wikipedia

Buenos Aires – There are many sites out there, and more than enough people, who make fun of what tends to be called chinglish or ingrish, or something similar – reflecting the adoption of a new language by a culture, in those cases English by Chinese or Japanese usually, who don’t share a similar base of sounds, grammar, or speech style. Let’s just note that it’s not limited to the adaptation of English…. and if I spoke enough Mandarin, it’d be an interesting curiosity to see how our linguistic mistakes are viewed in China…. no?


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