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 The true statesman is the one who is willing to take risks.”

– Charles de Gaulle, French President 1958-1969

Buenos Aires – I rarely bother much with politics, at times bordering on the philosophy of “don’t vote, it just encourages the politicians…”, though, truth be told, I’ve at the very least voted in every presidential election since I was old enough to – 1976, an appropriate year I suppose, bicentennial and all. But I have to admit, the current race for U.S. president has me intrigued, and not for whether or not the country is ready for a woman president, or a black president, or a republican president who supports gay rights and abortion, or any of the mud that’s already being slung. It’s actually one particular candidate, who’s campaigning for the Republican nomination, perhaps unfortunately, but perhaps not – after all, there was a time when it was that party that stood for individual and social rights, and less government, while the Democratic party at the time stood for expanding government and supporting businesses at the cost of individual taxpayers. Somewhere along the way, some of that flipped, and much of it just simply changed – influenced, in my view, by a very small portion of the party’s base who seem to have garnered a stranglehold over the last couple of decades on its direction.

The candidate I’m talking about is Ron Paul. And here’s why… it’s not that I think he has all the right answers – I don’t agree with everything he espouses, though I do with much of it. I wonder if he has the ability to lead our country, to implement the ideas he has (especially those that I do agree with) – but then thinking about it, realize that no president in my lifetime has, especially going into the office. What I like about him is that he isn’t a politician, at least not in the sense I’ve come to think of politicians. Unless he’s an incredibly good actor, he doesn’t say things that he doesn’t believe in – wholeheartedly, and backed up by his actions. He doesn’t compromise on issues that truly matter to him. He doesn’t flip-flop on votes or decisions. He plugs away steadily, guided by his conscience. And, he openly states his beliefs, doesn’t hide behind alot of rhetoric, and takes the time to thoughtfully back his statements up by well researched… ummm… research.

For me, the last few elections have come down to voting between the lesser of two evils… not evil in the truly malevolent sense, but in the sense of trying to pick who I think will do the least damage to our country. This is the first time, in a long time, that I think someone is running who could actually change the course of our nation for the better. Now admittedly the following video has been edited for effect, but hey, he’s not accusing anyone of sleeping with their chief of staff, personal aid, secretary, or releasing felons into the public… come to think of it, he simply doesn’t sling mud just to gain an edge, and that’s refreshing in and of itself.

Thanks to S&H over at The Extremist for the tip on the video link.


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Saratica November 11, 2007 at 11:47

Hal and I are both actually hopeful. If he won, the U.S. would be an exciting, creative, encouraging place to live again. In my most cynical moments, I fear for his life. But that’s not stopping him, so I have no right to let that hold me back. I’ve never felt like supporting a candidate, but I will support him. He is very exciting to listen to, very uplifting.

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