Scenes from the Kitchen Classroom

2007.Sep.14 Friday · 0 comments

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Buenos Aires – Just a couple of photos today, as I’m on the run, so to speak. Taught a couple of “classes” this week here at Casa S – a nice steak lunch, similar to the one I described a week ago, though we made a coarser chimichurri, and instead of two kinds of potatoes, we played around with some empanadas – the filling on both types a mix of homemade ricotta (now that I know how to make it, I may as well show folks) that we mixed with some chopped longaniza sausage, dried plums, and fresh basil, and we were looking at the difference between a commercial empanada skin and some homemade ones – very different styles. And the other class, making the perfect roast chicken – it was a long afternoon of sitting around chatting, as we also made some fresh olive oil bread…

Class lunch - steaks, empanadas, zapallitos rellenos

class - Roast Chicken dinner


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