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2007.Aug.29 Wednesday · 0 comments

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Just a quick note. Yes, I know that there are numerous spots on the blog that have strange… “wonky” looking strings of characters. Apparently, in the latest upgrade of WordPress, there was some coding that didn’t recognize accented characters unless they were done using “spelled out” HTML coding – i.e., if you want an n with a tilde over it, you write out (without spaces) – & n tilde ; – which codes for it. Now, most of the time I do that, because I know some browsers don’t recognize it if you simply use an accented character rather than spelling it out. But here and there, I didn’t, and those have converted to nonsense strings. It’s apparently happening all over the place, the WordPress forums are full of pissed off people. On the other hand, while it would be nice if people wrote software that acknowledge how most of the world uses the stuff, i.e., just recognizing accented characters, there are a zillion sites out there that tell you that if you’re going to put in “extended ASCII” characters, to always use the long version, it’s safer, smarter, and works (supposedly) with everything out there.

Anyway, bit by bit, I’ll get the nonsense cleaned up. If you spot some, feel free to let me know. I think I got the two restaurant indices cleaned up this morning, and we’ll see where it goes from there…


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