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2006.Jan.14 Saturday · 1 comment

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Buenos Aires – It’s been raining a lot this week, so I’ve been in, catching up on lots of reading and writing. I just saw a great post over on eGullet, where I occasionally pop in to see if anyone is saying anything witty, brilliant, or amusing.

Back in August of 2004 I wrote a short piece for Outlet Radio Network where I talked about my aversion to some of the wildly deconstructed versions of food that are being presented as “cutting edge cuisine.” However, I couldn’t top the following, written by Ya-Roo Yang, the New York forum host for the website [emphasis mine]:

 As much as I believe in innovation and experimentation when it comes to food, and perhaps most aspects of life, there are a few things I hold sacred — my notions of what constitutes good sex being among them. Like good food, sex should never be a three-ring circus. After many years of eating at the best dining establishments in the world, I have concluded that fancy gadgets, chemically enhanced foams and latest scientific techniques are, quite often, ways to disguise a chef’s inability to engage the diner on a simple level. The same goes for sex, if only for the reason that simplicity can sometimes be one of the hardest things to manage. While all this may sound terribly vanilla to many thrill-seekers out there, just remember how extraordinary vanilla can be, especially when it’s a lovely Tahitian vanilla that recalls the breeze of a warm summer night.”

And speaking of vanilla, well actually chocolate, well even more actually, cocoa, there was this sad piece in the New York Times a couple of days ago…

Sometime Saturday night or Sunday morning, a barge laden with freight containers began to list badly while docked at the pier. One by one, the 10 freight containers slid off. At least two of them were filled with raw cocoa beans – about 800,000 pounds, altogether.


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