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2005.Dec.29 Thursday · 1 comment

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New York City – Every few days I take a look at the statistics for visitors to the blog, just to get a sense of how many folk are visiting, where from, and all that. I noticed a sudden spike in visitors beginning Tuesday afternoon and continuing until now – somewhere between 3 and 4 times the normal traffic on the site. I couldn’t figure out what would have prompted this until it suddenly occured to me that Tuesday morning’s post was entitled “Intercourse and the Amish.” I imagine it only took an hour or two before it was spidered, botted, or what have you and I started getting hits off of various search engines that, well, came from a bit of a different starting intent. We’ll just leave that all to the imagination (and no doubt this post will add another little surge).

99 miles to philly - cheese steakLunch for me tends towards casual, something like a salad, or pizza, or sandwiches. Leaning towards the latter, and finding myself down in the East Village again, I stopped in at 99 miles to philly, 94 3rd Avenue, the closest offering New York City has to a real Philadelphia cheese steak. It’s a small, half-dozen table kind of place, most of their business is neighborhood takeout. It’s kind of fun, you step up to the counter and pick steak, chicken, or vegetable; followed by a choice of American, Provolone, or Cheese Whiz, then “wit” or “wit’out” (onions). After that you can play with various other toppings, I always add hot peppers. Thick cut waffle fries are available plain, with cheese, or with chili. The tables are set with ketchup, barbecue sauce, and hot sauce. It’s one of those can’t miss situations! Didn’t have the camera with me, you’ll have to make do with a somewhat fuzzy phonecam shot.


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