Jamon Serrano

2005.Nov.13 Sunday · 2 comments

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Buenos Aires – Just a followup on yesterday’s food shopping post. A little food porn shot of the jamón serrano cuddled up with a couple of fried eggs. No recipe. Just eat.

Jamon serrano & eggs


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DTinPDX November 14, 2005 at 01:11

Ooooh, Yum! Is jamon serrano reasonably priced in Argentina? I supposed that’s not a fair question if I’m asking relative to the Argentine economy or as a tourist. All I know is it’s prohibitively expensive here in Portland.

dan November 14, 2005 at 08:17

I’d say for the average Argentine it’s prohibitively expensive. It was priced at 169 pesos per kilo, so roughly $26 per pound, given the current exchange rate. To put that in perspective, a “middle class” porteño (BsAs local) probably lives on not much over 2000 pesos a month, or a little under $700. Then again, the average middle class family anywhere outside of Spain probably doesn’t spend a lot of time in specialty food stores buying things like jamón serrano. (One hopes that in Spain, at least, jamón serrano is less expensive!) Of course, then again, I consider this to be the best ham produced in the world, so to me, it’s worth the extra cost! (And I only bought a ¼ kilo.)

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