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2005.Oct.15 Saturday

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Buenos Aires – Just a short “teaser,” as we’re off to La Plata for Henry and his friend Elizabeth to participate in the national folklore dance competition. More about that, after I’ve seen it!

Last night, dinner at Elizabeth and Carlos’ apartment. She prepared fresh cod ceviche; very simple bits of cod cured in freshly squeezed lemon juice, thinly sliced onions, fresh sweet corn, and all served atop lettuce. On the side, and something I’m going to have to play with and share with you more down the line – boiled batatas (yams) and mandioca (yuca) served with a spicy cream sauce that Carlos whipped up in the blender. The sauce is the fun part: fresh hot peppers (seeded), milk, and criollitas (saltines without salt), pureed until smooth, then oil whipped in at high speed in the blender to give a thick, creamy consistency. A little salt to taste – simple and fantastic when balanced against the sweetness of the vegetables.

It would have been nice to know there was another course – as we each went back for another plate of ceviche and side dishes – full plates! Then the pot of rice and even larger pot of seco de cordero, stewed lamb, arrived on the table. We managed, somehow, though all politely refused dessert with coffee later.

Wine with dinner: Bodegas Escorihuela “Carcassonne” Malbec-Cabernet Sauvignon – a simple, light, easy drinking wine, probably made most drinkable by good company and good food. But then, for 6 pesos a bottle, it was actually probably a star!


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