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Revuelto GramajoBuenos Aires – I think every culture has some sort of scramble as a classic dish. It isn’t likely to be high on the elegance charts, and it probably fits into the category of “guilty pleasures” for most foodies. Argentina has its revuelto gramajo, a scramble named after Artemio Gramajo, a gourmet chef who was also a government administrator and close friend of former president Julio Roca. This dish was, if I understand the history correctly, regularly served as breakfast for combatants in the field, and only some time later became a dish that restaurants now offer as a special of the day, often for dinner. That’s where I found it last night at a local eatery.

It’s not a particularly off the wall sort of scramble. Thin strips of potato, preferably crisply fried, almost like hash browns (which the ones in my dish last night were not), shreds of ham, chopped onion, fresh peas (mine were clearly canned), and a little cheese. Scramble the whole thing together with just enough egg to end up scattered throughout – you don’t want this to turn into an omelette or even a scrambled egg dish, it’s about the potatoes more than anything else. Maybe top it off with a splash of hot sauce (they do have to stop warning me here that sauces are muy, muy picante, when the heat level barely reaches that of, say, Taco Bell’s mild sauce). Despite the lack of crisp to the potatoes, this was really quite good!


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