A Garden of My Own!

2005.Sep.28 Wednesday · 1 comment

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Buenos Aires – Time for an update on the apartment process. I’ve found one! I admit to not having looked at a huge number of them because I really loved the first one I saw. That’s often the way these things work. It’s here in the same (Barrio Norte) neighborhood, only a couple of blocks from where I’ve been for the last few months. It’s a duplex one bedroom – four rooms in total, with 1½ baths, a small patio outside the kitchen (laundry, herb growing), and a large patio and backyard off the living room! A garden! I’ve never had my very own garden, and I’m thrilled! Brand new kitchen (includes stove/oven, but have to get my own refrigerator), new plumbing, new electric. Very sort of modern design blended with older architecture, like the high cloister-ish walls around the garden.

Meeting with the escribano (sort of the equivalent of a notary public, but they do a whole lot more here) for the first time later today.


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