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2005.Sep.22 Thursday · 0 comments

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New York City – It’s hard to believe that I’ve been in New York for a full week and haven’t gotten out for a bagel! Maybe I wasn’t missing them as much as I thought I was. But I found myself in the East Village this morning and decided to stop in at an old favorite bagel shop. It’s irrelevant which one, as it’s not the point of this brief post. In fact, there is little to say, other than posting the picture of my morning “everything” bagel with a generous amount of cream cheese, several slices each of lox, tomato, and onion. The way a real New Yorker would eat one. I only say that to compare and contrast to the version I was presented with in Buenos Aires several weeks ago, the picture of which is also included. That one consisted of, as I said in the review, white bread in a ring shape, a tablespoon or so of whipped cream cheese with a couple of pieces of chopped chives, one half of a cherry tomato, and one paper thin slice of smoked salmon. Not, as they claimed, the real thing. Photos pretty much tell the story.

Bagel with loxBNCafe Salmon and Bagel - New York Style


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