Fried Cheese

2005.Jul.02 Saturday · 3 comments

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Buenos Aires – Arrived today amidst grey and drizzle, but then, New York was the same way when leaving. Overall an uneventful flight, though a few rows in front of me was a five year old child who took to screaming and kicking shortly before take off, and other than lapsing into exhausted unconsciousness at some point during the night for a short time, kept it up for most of the ten hour flight. His mom thought she’d share the experience so she just kept carrying him around the plane. Most of what he was screaming was “put me down”. Some folks are clueless.

After getting to my temporary apartment (my regular rental won’t be available until Tuesday), I sent out my “safe arrival” e-mails, took a nice nap and waited for Henry to arrive. Once he was there and we’d caught up, it was off to get a little snack. Buenos Aires is home to many Italian ex-patriots (something like 40% of the population), and Italian-inspired Argentinian food is everywhere. We stopped at a small cafe, the name of which is worthless, as the experience wasn’t memorable. But, I got my first chance to dig into a (mediocre) provoletta. This common dish takes a 1/4″ slice of provolone, brushes it with olive oil, sprinkles it with pepper and oregano (that’s classic, but whatever you like to coat it with), and grills it until it’s slightly browned on the surface. It’s a shame my first one back in BA wasn’t far better, but it was still a perfect way to get my appetite going! Fried cheese – high protein and low carbs (and usually delicious), what more can one ask for!


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